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Dear HHES Parents:
Welcome to an exciting new school year! My name is Jodi Plunk, and I am the new HHES PTA
President for the upcoming 2019-2020 School Year. This year things are going to look a little
different, but one things will stay the same…OUR PTA NEEDS YOU! We would love to have a record
number of volunteers for our program this year. There are many ways to volunteer with the PTA. The
following is a list of just some of the projects that the PTA participates in at HHES:
(1) Teacher Appreciation - Gifts and Meals
(2) Honor Roll - Recognition of 2nd and 3rd Grade Honor Roll Students each 9 weeks
(3) Fundraisers
(4) Birthday Treats for Students
(5) Holidays at The Hills - Craft
(6) Library and Music Room Assistance
(7) Box Tops for Education
(8) Arts Night at The Hills
(9) Annual End of the Year Celebration
There are many ways to volunteer within all of these areas. Please consider helping us out, and let’s
make this year at HHES one of the best yet!
You may join the PTA by making out a check for $8.00 payable to HHES PTA and returning it in your
child’s backpack with the form on the reverse side of this flyer. We don’t know yet when and how we
will meet due to COVID restrictions, but will let everyone know of meeting times in advance.
I would encourage you to also like and follow our Hernando Hills PTA Facebook page for updates.
You may contact the HHES PTA at Remember Dads ... PTA is NOT just
for Moms. We want our Dads, too! Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you in the PTA.
Jodi Plunk
Hernando Hills PTA President
2019/2020 Officers: Jodi Plunk (President) Carla Tucker (Vice-President)
Corie Rivers (Treasurer) Andrea King (Secretary)
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